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It’s hard booking for your return flight when you aren’t really sure how your trip will take a turn, and Onward/Return tickets are a BASIC Immigration requirement for more than 300+ countries for obtaining a visa AND for permission to enter.

We make that part Easy.

We promise to email you your ticket within 2-10 minutes of your booking.

How Does it Work?

We are company founded by digital nomads who believe that travel should be flexible. So, we decided to create this website for people like us and perpetual travellers. We wanted to help you to take back control of your travel plans and to decide your own journey.


Provide us with basic information and your desired ticket details by filling out the form above. The arrival country is optional; leave it blank and we’ll select a random one for you (recommended).


After an order is made, our staff will process the booking with your provided information.


Pay using all major credit cards or PayPal with our secured payment system.


Receive your booking by email. It contains a PDF-file that you can print as well. You’ll also receive a valid PNR number under your name.

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  • Our ticket is genuine Proof of Onward travel or Visa Application
  • Our ticket is from a real airline – it can be checked and is 100% legal and safe.

After you pay, a real booking is made automatically at our travel agency. You can show the pdf that you’ll receive at the counter as is.

Our flight reservations are valid for 48 hours

If you want your ticket to last more than 48 hours, please contact us for a quote and see if it’s possible. We are able make it last as long as until 1 day before the departure date (on your onward ticket) on some routes & airlines.

If the staff checks your PNR, they will find the booking in their system. You can also check your onward ticket on major airline’s websites.

No, our website makes a booking instantly. So after your order nothing can be changed. If you require any changes you will need to make a new booking.

No,it will be automatically cancelled by us.

No. This is just a flight reservation so you’re not paying for the full price of the flight. You only need to pay the flight reservation fee.

No, the tickets we generate are to show the check-in staff that ask you to see an onward flight.

Sometimes, we are unable to find an available flight with the route you request with our airlines, or the ticket is too expensive for us to pay for, we will then have to change the destination of your ticket. 

This website uses Paypal to process payments. In case you don’t have a Paypal account, you can use your credit/debit card to pay without the need of opening an account, as Paypal allows that. Under Paypal login form in payment page, select “Pay with a credit or debit card”.

With software like Photoshop, you can easily fake an onward ticket from a template, but we NEVER recommend you to do that. Why? Because we, and a lot of other travelers, have tested and figured out that they can check and do check the validation of your onward ticket easily. Airlines and immigration have software to check if a ticket is valid or not by using passenger’s name and booking code. You actually can check it yourself with the Manage My Booking page of every airline’s website. What if you get caught using a fake ticket? You will be either forced to buy a ticket on the spot, or denied to board your flight, or deported. It’s totally not worth the risk